Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sowerbutt's Tower

Stroking his moustache, Colonel Faviell said: “The Tower of London is damn nigh impregnable to land forces. Heavy artillery or aircraft would defeat us. I suppose your Reds could blow the gates open, but we would shoot them down. Need a lot of explosive to breach the walls and we’d spot them."

Sowerbutt's Device

Sowerbutt said: “Bomb Disposals were at St Paul's when we left. Spaghetti found the first device attached to one of the pillars. The idea is to blow up these landmarks and the Reds, unionists and so on, take to the streets, all worked up. Big meeting of them up in Bloomsbury today."

Sowerbutt's Flap

“Bit of a flap on, Ted. Jimmy is after a couple of blokes who have been spreading gelignite around St Paul’s – this is all hush-hush. The government people think the Tower may be the next on the list.”

Sowerbutt's Emergency

“Yes General, he’ll claim diplomatic immunity. Detain him if you can, shoot him and his men if you have to. You have Cabinet authorisation for whatever actions you deem necessary; this is a national emergency."

Sowerbutt's Barricades

“Yes, General. I want central London sealed off with road blocks, nobody through until their vehicles are searched," Bendan Bracken snapped.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Sowerbutt's Plan

Dean Matthews sighed: “This terrible war, what does it make people do? We must all reflect on our Primate’s call to support the Pope’s peace plan.”

Sowerbutt's Search

“We are searching the Cathedral as best we can and I have what is called a timer that has been made safe and an amount of explosive material on my desk here.  I am told it is enough to bring down one of the pillars in the nave where it was discovered."